Fast Food’n and BBQ’n

Well friends, today was one of those days, one of those days where just about every meal is eaten outside of the house.  I started my dining off at Wendy’s drive thru. I had to try the new mozzarella chicken sandwich after hearing a fellow blogger, The Mighty Rib, rave about. My whole experience here was kind of amusing to watch, I’m sure, especially while trying to communicate with the drive thru speaker person.  The first thing I heard was an automated voice greeting say “Hi welcome to Wendy’s, would you like to try our new mozzarella chicken sammida today?”……uh. what?? As I’m trying to figure out what in the world the speaker box just offered me, I’m also trying to find the chicken sandwich on the menu so I can just skip right through the awkwardness that would follow.  I said to the speaker box “sorry, did you say chicken sandwich?” but then a live person replied “the automated greeting asked about the new mozzarella chicken sammida.”  Umm. Ok. Oh geez, I thought. I decided to not even try again and just order what I came after anyway so I said “Well i’m not quite sure what either of you said but I would like to have the new mozzarella chicken sandwich.”  She concurred and processed my request, I was so relieved to have gotten through this part.

I ate the sandwich while leaving the parking lot and really tried to take it all in. I had high hopes for this sandwich since my fellow foodie, The Mighty Rib (Little Rock) enjoyed it but I wasn’t as impressed as I had hoped although it was overall pretty good.  I could definitely see the potential here, with the marinated tomatoes and the grilled and seasoned chicken breast it most certainly has the potential.  I have been a fan of Wendy’s my whole life, with their signature patty and their delicious frosty.  Lately I have been a fan of their salads only wishing they would do more green leaf or spring mix base.

After my wife got off of work we went to a local BBQ joint, Old Post BBQ. This restaurant is a long time staple for Russellville and it’s always worth the money and time.  I chose the rib dinner with green beans, coleslaw, and of course, a beer.  While I wasn’t very impressed with the coleslaw, the green beans were well prepared and very tasty.  It always blows my mind that more places don’t try harder to make their side dishes tasty, for the most part what you get with green beans is simply out of a can and boiled with some salt and pepper, nothing else, big let down.  I was thrilled with Ricky’s beans and I might add that I was happy to be greeted on a Saturday by the owner Ricky Black himself.  Ricky and I shot the stuff for a few minutes talking about beer and brewery’s here in Arkansas, I really like the guy, you can tell he has a true passion for food.  We enjoyed our lunch thoroughly and only somewhat disappointed in the under done fried pickles, assure you this was a one time thing, we left very full and very happy.

Lastly, I would like to comment on one of my new favorite fast eats from Taco Johns located in 2 places here in Russellville.  They are hailed by critics for their dedication to fresh ingredients and for their classification some really tasty food.  Right now they are running a limited time offer with their quesadilla pork carnitas.  These small bites are perfect for a snack or even a full meal.  They start with doubled 3 inch tortillas centered with melted cheese then folded in half and stuffed with some very tasty and seasoned pulled pork, a sauce of some flavor with a kick, and diced herb tomatoes.  It is not always easy to get my wife to join me at Taco Johns but these days its simple.  I recommend these to everyone.

Thank you Russellville for your food today, keep up the good workPhoto May 22, 12 13 17 PM


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