Photo May 22, 10 58 51 AM

Well friends, today’s blog post saddens me; the demise of the Thien Huynh famous eggroll. These eggrolls were of a whole different caliber eggroll from any other eggroll I had eaten before.  I can remember when I was a kid and didn’t care for oriental food, but that eggroll, oh that eggroll.  I have been to Nothing Fancy on a few occasions since it was sold to Dennis from Opal Mae’s and the restaurant just didn’t feel right anymore.  I’m sure many of you feel the same, but despite that feeling I was oh so hoping it would remain the traditional flare from Thien’s reign.  I wasn’t opposed to Dennis bringing in some of his flare either, as long as her Vietnamese dishes remained the same.  To my dismay, the eggroll-the iconic, nostalgic, magical, make a kid eat oriental- eggroll is gone. No, not physically, but as you can tell the passion and heart is all gone.  This isn’t the same eggroll, therefore isn’t the same Nothing Fancy.  I don’t want to be too harsh here and say I won’t be back, but I’m just not certain what would bring me back in at this point.

Nothing Fancy anymore

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