The new Old Bank

When it come to The Old Bank Sports Bar people tend to be on one side of the fence or the other, which leaves me somewhat troubled.  When you read the reviews and comments they are all over the place, this means “INCONSISTENCY”.  One of the most important aspects of owning and managing a restaurant is to strive for and remain consistent, both with service and food quality.  Both of which are mitigated by great management.  What I have seen since they opened has been frequent change to the menu and a change in management.  New restaurants have many challenges and it can be fun to watch them evolve but those times can be troubling as well.

The OBSBG has found itself a new GM with Eric Markle.  Eric has been a part of several great eateries in Russellville including the Russellville Country Club and Fat Daddy’s BBQ.  I am expecting great things to come and have been very pleased on my most recent visit.  The Super Spuds to start and the pork tenderloin sandwich to finish.  Great service and good food, there’s not much more you must ask for.  thanks Billy, looking forward to the next time. Photo May 23, 2 51 18 PM

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