La Casa Bonita (indeed)

Well, if you would have said that one day we would have a Mexican cuisine restaurant that was going to be different than the many we already have here, I would have called you a liar.  However, occupying the former Oak Tree Bistro grounds, rests the new La Casa Bonita.  I had a chance to dine here last week, breaking one of my own rules about not going to a new restaurant within it’s first couple of months. I left with a big smile and a full belly.  I wasn’t sure what to expect. Before we dined we had researched and found that they were priding themselves on using only the highest of quality ingredients (something that I strongly agree with) and never anything from a can.

We were seated and greeted promptly and began to gaze at the menu. One side was breakfast which was a pleasant surprise and the other their apps and entrees.  Let me tell you that if you are hoping to go and have a 3 page menu with as many Mexican dishes that you can think of and the ability to combo them together then you will not be satisfied. On the other hand though, if you have a desire to try some truly homemade Mexican dishes and be content with about 10 different choices then you will find true enjoyment.  It is noble to see a restaurant whittle their menu down to a few dishes and execute them to the highest of standard and quality, I did have to ask for guacamole and cheese dip as they were not listed on the menu but was no problem for the server to take care of for us.

I really enjoyed the service as well. There was only one server per table. At some other local Mexican restaurants it seems multiple people are responsible for serving the table and at a furiously fast pace might I add.  So I felt as though I could count on that server to take care of me while I dined.  It’s a very nice, friendly, and slower paced scene.  Our cashier happened to be the owner and a true pleasure to speak to. I give La Casa Bonita my big ole stamp of approval. Go try and see for yourself.Photo Jul 06, 12 19 31 PM