Trick Dilly Tacos

IMG_0421.JPGThe story

“We started TrickDilly as a food truck in the summer of 2014. Our goal was to create a unique casual food experience. Our chef, Troy, makes it his mission to start with delicious, fresh, quality ingredients, and build them into tricked-out taco combinations that will delight the most experienced taco fan.

In 2017, we made the transition from four wheels to four walls. With this location, we are excited at the chance to welcome you into our relaxed, family-friendly space. We still offer catering and have multiple drop-off, pick-up or full-service options available, just without the truck. So hit us up Tricked Out Taco fans for your next event!

Our mission is to create your favorite taco you never expected!”

If you have had Tacos4Life, this is not the same, these are gourmet tacos that send your taste buds into a spiraling whirlwind of excitement and delight, add a Ozark beer co. beer to go with.  You just haven’t had a taco like this yet.  Not to mention if you are gluten free or vegan they have created selections just for you, check out   You will have to take yourself to Bentonville if you wish to indulge.  As of right now they are staying steady and honing their menu with no plans to open new locations, which is great news when you think of all the unsuccessful franchising who’s quality will tank when they open new store or franchise.  I look forward to traveling to NWA more and more these days.


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