“the Root is king of LR”  was the comment left on my instagram.  My wife and I were traveling around LR and trying to decide on where to dine (i have a list of places i have to try) we checked out the online menu and were basically sold on what i had considered a fair price.  One we got there however it took my breath away.  There were so many people there bustling about rolling silverware and prepping stations, all clad in mismatched clothing, sun dresses, and of course beards.  You could just tell right off the bat you were in for a treat of some kind.  We knew going into the meal what we wanted, but after eyeing the menu I noticed a synopsis at the bottom giving a credit to all of their local food sources, incredible i thought.  I ordered a beer and awaited our app, which was a delicious beer and cheese arancini.  The place is beautifully decorated in all kinds of reclaimed fixtures and furniture, reused linen and of course the re-purposed shipping containers that make up their additional dining space, the view was spectacular.

Dinner arrived and to my surprise i was delivered actual carnitas, haha too many times i have ordered carnitas from various restaurants and of course was brought meat wrapped in tortilla (carnitas actually means small shredded meats used for filling).  After some time of savoring every bite we continued to watch table after table enter and be seated, obviously no lack of interest.

My research continued after our visit and was revealed that their story was more impressive than their food.  I encourage each of you to visit their website, check out their menu and read about their story it is truly inspiring, i believe i would like to take a page out of their book some day.


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