So let’s go back to where it all began, today @ lunch.  Today at lunch my wife and I decided to go to B’Dubs, for those of us in my hometown of Russellville this is what we commonly call buffalo wild wings.  Any who, when we arrived it took several minutes to even be greeted by a member of the wait staff, now I am often partial to their street tacos and more often than not, the only reason I go here, plus it’s close to my wife’s work and doesn’t have a lot of time to lunch break.  After the hostess greeted us she asked if we were familiar with the 15 minute fast break lunch.  we concurred that indeed we did, we were seated and after the waitress took our order she walked away without starting the timer.  My wife had to stop her and ask “should we turn this on, or you? ”  as she started back to our table she stopped and said “you can go ahead and do it.” Oh gee thanks, I thought.  Needless to say our food arrived on time and then she had realized she forgot my side item and went to retrieve it.

Upon returning to our table she dropped some chips on the ground and sort of chuckled at the feat.  She walked away to get us some napkins, brought them back and then departed without a word otherwise.  My wife and I looked down at the ground and then at one another in disbelief.  I have been here a few times let’s say and mostly during the lunch hour.  This is a time of the day when you can, as a manager, truly make an impact on your customers.  Most places overlook this day part and let it be what it is.  A big missed opportunity n my book.  Y’all, good customer service is not hard.  To the servers; I have been there in your shoes and I know sometimes it sucks, but please remember we as the customers have come to pay our hard earned money to enjoy ourselves and will pay for great service, this is your opportunity to make the difference.   As it goes, I will probably return to B’Dubs within the next couple of months for the street tacos (love em) maybe to find a happier place.

First blog post

So I said to myself ‘when is it time to start a blog”? probably about the same time your wife says, after a 20 minute rant at a restaurant for lunch, maybe you should start a blog.  HAHA,  I probably spend more time whilst eating out, either ranting, raving, or reviewing the restaurant.  I can’t help it, I have been in the restraint and hospitality industry since I was 16.  I feel that now is the time the world heard my voice, that maybe I can speak out for the customers out there who frequently dine out and say what they are all thinking.

I hope this space provides a space to Rant, Rave and Review the restaurants and eatery’s that I visit.  I will not be harsh here or belligerent, fair and impartial is what will set me apart, discussing customer service around many corners.  No restaurant will be left out as my kids often choose to go to some of the faster of food joints.  mainly I will talk about my experiences in my small town in Arkansas and as an avid hunter I may give some wild game cooking tips and recipes.  Please only head my advice as a guide to go and experience new things, new foods, new places.  I am not by any means a writer please join me in thanking my wife for the editing.  I simply just have a lot to say about this industry I love so dearly.    Happy eats my fellows!